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6350 “Laura” Brown Bear Ltd. Edition

////6350 “Laura” Brown Bear Ltd. Edition

6350 “Laura” Brown Bear Ltd. Edition


Approximate Size:      11.8 inches  /  30 cm


Product Description

“Laura” Brown Bear
Approximate Size: 11.8″
Limited Edition of 500 pieces
Material:  Mohair plush
Stuffing:  Special polyester fibres
This bear consists of 40 individual pieces
*”Laura” was created in commemoration of the 15th year  of Bear Festival in Worbis.
** Since “Laura” was still in hibernation when development work started, the designers had to resort to working with pictures.  Only after the living bear reappeared could nuances and details be observed in more detail which led to several revisions of the patterns.
***Striking features of Laura are the long nose, the strong muscular hump on her back and furry ears.  Laura is shown walking on all fours and meticulously handcrafted from precious mohair.

As all our animals are handmade, sizes and weights are approximate measurements – no two animals are alike. Additionally, stock images are used in many cases, which may not reflect the precise coloring or facial expression of the animal you receive. Various computer screen resolutions may also affect your view of coloring, as well as the pose of the animal in the image.  Many items are made-to-order, and so we request and recommend that you ask any/all questions prior to ordering. Please note: our animals are meant to be for collectors or display pieces unless otherwise noted.

Limited Editions
For several years, the design team at Kösen had been studying real life animals intensively in order to design their plush animals as life-like as possible.  An important part is watching the animals at the zoo or even at national parks, like:  black bears in Canada, lions in Kenys,orangutans on Sumatra, rhinoceroses in Namibia…. and many others.  This intensive experience and learning in the wild is the basis for grasping the nature of animals and to express it in Kösen’s life-like plush animals.
Over the past years, the abilities of the cutters, seamstresses and trimesters have improved enormously.  New technologies were tested, proven ones have been perfected.  The craftsmanship of creating the animals keeps getting more and more refined.  Therefore, Kösen has the wish and the urge to demonstrate their proficiency not only in series production but also in exclusive and limited editions.  In this way the beauty of the animals become quite an experience both for collectors and animal lover.

The artists at Kösen have been making luxurious and treasured collections for over 100 years.

The designers at Kösen study and draw the animals in their natural habitats or zoos.  Then they produce clay models which are revised over and over until their vision for the animal is realized.  Because the designers have an eye for special details, the faces are particularly lifelike.

Just one animal can require up to seventy individual pieces of the finest hand-picked fabrics and then finished with its own detailed characteristics.


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