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4401 “Fanny” White Goat

////4401 “Fanny” White Goat

4401 “Fanny” White Goat


Goat by Kösen Koesen, realistic plush stuffed animals. Luxury and quality, handmade in Germany.

Approximate Size:
Nose to Fanny:  13″
Up to top of Back:  7.5″
Up to top of Horns:  10.5″


Product Description

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“Fanny” White Goat  …From Kösen’s beloved Farm Collection

The artists at Kösen have been making luxurious and treasured collections for over 100 years.

Kösen’s alpaca and mohair line fulfills the demand of collectors and enthusiasts who asked for life-like plush toys to be produced with selected natural materials.

  • Mohair as well as Alpaca has a wonderful feel to it and its structure resembles natural fur.
  • It is durable and keeps its natural characteristics for a long time.
  • Through different processes, effects in structure and color can be achieved which are only possible with mohair.  These opportunities stimulate us to create new animals.
  • Kösen combines mohair with velvet, imitation leather and synthetic furs in order to give animals a natural appearance.

The designers at Kösen study and draw the animals in their natural habitats or zoos.  Then they produce clay models which are revised over and over until their vision for the animal is realized.  Because the designers have an eye for special details, the faces are particularly lifelike.

Just one animal can require up to seventy individual pieces of the finest hand-picked fabrics and then finished with its own detailed characteristics.

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