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1180 “Robin Hood” Bear

///1180 “Robin Hood” Bear

1180 “Robin Hood” Bear


Approximate Size:  15.7 inches  / 70 cm


Product Description

“Robin Hood”, Bear …From Kösen’s beloved Fairy Tale Collection

The artists at Kösen have been making luxurious and treasured collections for over 100 years.

Kösen’s World of FairyTales is wonderful for playing, collecting and decorating, and will appeal to grown-ups and children alike.

The Fairy Tale characters with their faces intricately designed in the Kösen style are all crafted by hand in meticulous processes, using top quality material only.

The bodies are made of woven imitation fur and have been filled with hollow core fibres.  The clothes are made from the best fabrics, felt and imitation leather and can be changed.

The designers at Kösen study and draw the animals in their natural habitats or zoos.  Then they produce clay models which are revised over and over until their vision for the animal is realized.  Because the designers have an eye for special details, the faces are particularly lifelike.

Just one animal can require up to seventy individual pieces of the finest hand-picked fabrics and then finished with its own detailed characteristics.

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